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her skin is cinnamon ..

okay. today blew
i hate the cold. it makes me miserable.. i didnt ever think i would be this effected by the weather. i mean it can be as sunny as heeeelllll but if its under like 72 F then - misery. so weird
anyways. the one highlight of my day. the highlight of ALL my days.
in history today we were talking about those sections and doc was spelling out the "Adams-Onis" treaty for us and richard askes if we'll need to have the.. uhh "enyay".. you knowe.. that squiggly line over the "n" in spanish words="ñ" and of course et, being the loudest person in all of school that she is and.. being in french.. not spanish goes WHATTTS A ENNYAYYYY?? (with that horrible texan accent that we all know she has) and someone.. like ed or something tells her what it is. and being the witty, smart, hilarous, briliant and original comedic genious that she is she replies.. "OH.. well... ENNYAYYY YOUR MOM".
i thought i was going to pee my pants. serisouly.. thats one of the funniest things ive ever heard.
serisouly. thank you et for brightening my day by like times 5068540685.
any ways after that i drew maz pictures in algebra of a Zebrow. (zebra-cow)
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