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el stupida`

A. it better snow/ stick tonight
B. eric gets 2 days off of his retarded ass little shit closet of a school for 2 days. becasue why? because 25% of people in his "school" (meaning home for the retarded) are sick. big fucking woop. 25% of that shit hole is like.. 4 people. i hope some one starts the phone tree thing even if it doesnt snow.
C. today started out really way good, it went down the shitter. i just dont care about annyy of thisssss.
D. dante was wrong, hell is 33 degrees.
E. i want to leave fort worth
F. the rents want me to go to this like princeton review all day every day refesher course. hah. helllll no. i refuse. i just refuse.
G. oprah is really pretty.
H. i enjoy hideing in the dark room
I. i need a party
J. this better be a god damn good weekend.. bllahhh
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hiding in the darkroom is code for making out in the dark room, isnt it
haha no
but i wish.

plus, all that fun stuff happens in the closet, you know.. the one by the music room